Song for Jake and Lauren's wedding

Look At You Now - Chords

Look At You Now - Basic recording

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He is Risen
Music .pdf 87 KB
Great Easter Song Lyrics .pdf 12 KB
  Recording .mp3 556 KB
The Depth of Love Music .pdf 90 KB
  Lyrics .pdf 12 KB
  Recording .mp3 560 KB
  Guitar Chords .pdf 40 KB
  PowerPoint .ppt 214 KB
Forgive Me Music .pdf 113 KB
  Lyrics .pdf 17 KB
  Recording .mp3 690 KB
We Remember Music .pdf 286KB
Great communion song Lyrics .pdf 14 KB
  Recording .mp3 786 KB
  Commentary .pdf 75 KB
  Guitar Chords .pdf 27 KB
Praise Be To My Rock Music .pdf 70 KB
  Lyrics .pdf 12 KB
  Recording .mp3 544 KB

Recordings courtesy of Michael Kane and Miracle Studios of Dalby

These Christian praise and worship songs are written by Noeleen Johnston & Michael Brumpton.
If you have CCL licence, please record their use. If you don't, feel free to use them in worship anyway.  email for permission.  We'd love to hear what you think of them.

Because of viruses emailing us, I have had to remove my email address. However you can email us manually by typing in "brump", followed by "@", followed by ""